• Executives needed to lead Veteran care in six cities

    Do you want to help shape Veterans’ health care as a VA Medical Center executive director in one of six cities across the country?

  • Choose a career leading the Veterans’ care revolution as a VAMC Director

    VA Medical Center executive directors pave the way for innovation in Veterans’ care.

  • Get answers to military spouse employment questions on Feb. 20

    Military spouses can get answers to employment questions during a […]

  • Make a lasting impact on Veterans’ care as a VAMC Executive Director

    Want to help shape Veterans’ health care? Apply to become a VA Medical Center Executive Director in one of 12 cities across the country.

  • Five VA jobs you may qualify for with military training

    Transitioning military personnel may qualify for several positions at VA including Intermediate Care Technician and paramedic.

  • VA’s cutting-edge technology helps physicians provide top-notch Veteran care

    Every day, a nationwide team of researchers and innovators work together to help VA providers deliver cutting-edge technology and care to Veterans.

  • Lead change in Veterans’ health care as a VAMC executive director

    VA is looking for ambitious trailblazers who can inspire and […]

  • VA scholarship helped Jude Martinez discover a fulfilling career in nursing

    The VA National Education for Employees Program provides a tax-free scholarship to qualifying VA employees so they can pursue clinical licensure.

  • Five highly valued skills Veterans bring to VA careers

    Veterans Month is a great time for newly transitioning service members or longtime Veterans to be reminded that VA hires former service members.

  • Change agent transforms the way VA serves Veterans

    In her nearly 30-year career at VA, Lisa M. Pape, MSSA, LISW, has never said no to a new challenge. This Q/A discusses her career progression at VA.

  • Accelerate your education and training with a VA career

    Juggling the demands of school, work and life can take […]

  • Learn about VA Careers at our next virtual event

    Consider talking to a recruiter at the next VA virtual career fair. VA Careers regularly hosts no-cost local, regional or national virtual career fairs where you can chat online with recruiters about a position in information technology, nursing, primary care or another field; learn about which jobs are available in your area; and get tips on submitting a stand-out application.

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