• Why I get my health care at VA: Candace

    Air Force Reserve Veteran Candace wanted to serve other Veterans. Now she works at a Vet Center, helping Veterans and their family members.

  • How VA’s retirement plan benefits your bottom line

    VA offers its employees a three-part, comprehensive retirement plan that includes a pension, among other desirable benefits.

  • VA employee, Army Veteran discovers healing in thousand-year-old metal craft

    Fermin Lopez, an Army Veteran and VA employee, discovered healing after struggling with PTSD. The metal craft of forging helped him find his way.

  • The loss of brothers to Veteran suicide inspires VA employee to raise awareness through film

    Carolyn Colley, an associate counsel at VA’s Board of Veterans’ Appeals, recently produced the short film to raise awareness of Veteran suicide and to illustrate its devastating impact on their loved ones.

  • Three men, three generations, three wars 

    Like a lot of Veterans, Jerry Marifke didn't talk much about war, neither did his son and grandson. Their mutual service was an unspoken bond of understanding that never required questions.

  • Who we are: For Katie Graham, VA is more than just a job

    Katie Graham works with systems developers and mortgage services in central office’s Loan Guarantee Service to assist Veterans in the community.

  • Who we are: Erin Byrum works to keep lenders accountable to Veterans

    Erin Byrum is particularly dedicated to aligning her skills to “help Veterans obtain, retain, and adapt housing,” especially those who are disabled or are experiencing difficult times.

  • Who We Are: Sheba Akridge serves Veterans to say “thank you”

    Sheba Akridge is a Mississippi native, spouse to a Navy Veteran, and a current program analyst in the Veterans Benefits Administration.

  • Who we are: Brian Venerick helps Veterans grow their economic opportunity

    As a service-connected disabled Veteran, VA employee Brian Venerick knows the programs he works on firsthand -- as a beneficiary.

  • 51 years and still going – One VA employee’s extraordinary journey in service to Veterans

    Into her 51st year with VA, Carla Murchelano works on some of the most emotionally demanding cases seen by Veteran’s Service Representatives today: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Military Sexual Trauma cases.

  • HillVets 100 Tribute Gala honors 100 influential people in service to Veterans

    In an award ceremony on Capitol Hill, the HillVets 100 Tribute Gala brought many members from the Veteran community, civilian community, public sector and private sector to honor the contributions that have been made to Veterans in 2016.

  • On Civilian Guilt

    A VA employee shares her feelings about the different experiences that she and her Veteran coworkers have had, and the guilt she feels as a result.

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