• VESO’s federal employment service connects Veterans to VA partners

    The Veteran Employment Services Office (VESO), formerly known as VA for Vets, provides federal employment support services to Veterans and transitioning service members seeking (primarily) VA employment. Chief amongst those services is how VESO's training helps demystify the federal hiring process.

  • Seven confidence boosters for Veterans transitioning to a civilian career

    As you transition from military service to a civilian career at VA, connecting with VA resources and caring for yourself can boost your confidence.

  • Five highly valued skills Veterans bring to VA careers

    Veterans Month is a great time for newly transitioning service members or longtime Veterans to be reminded that VA hires former service members.

  • Through Blake’s VA career, he’s transforming communications with Veterans

    When Blake Anderson first came to work at the U.S. […]

  • Choose a VA housekeeping career to care for and work with Veterans

    Each year, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) treats […]

  • To care for fellow Veterans, Leola chose VA for her nursing career

    Leola enjoys caring for Veterans with varied service histories. Leola […]

  • Veteran Luis’s VA nursing career lets him serve other Veterans

    Luis considered going to work at a private-sector hospital following […]

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