• Self-reliance may affect acceptance of mental health treatment in Veterans

    NHRVS is the brainchild of Dr. Pietrzak, director of the Translational Psychiatric Epidemiology Laboratory of the VA National Center for PTSD in West Haven, Connecticut. NHRVS―called “Nerves”―is a nationally representative survey administered to Veterans both inside and outside the VA health care system.

  • In a landmark study, both of VA’s top psychotherapies lead to meaningful improvements for Veterans with PTSD

    Dr. Paula Schnurr, executive director of VA’s National Center for PTSD, was the lead author of the study, which was also the largest PTSD psychotherapy study to date in any population in the total number of participants: 916. The findings appeared in JAMA Network Open on Jan. 19, 2022.

  • Can medication ease insomnia in Veterans with PTSD? VA study aims to find out

    In a double-blind trial, Krystal and his team will compare the drugs trazodone, eszopiclone, and gabapentin to placebo. All three contain sleep-inducing ingredients but work in different ways.

  • Telehealth plus web-based skills training a promising combination for Veterans with history of PTSD, military sexual trauma

    A combination of telehealth coaching and web-based skills training can significantly improve clinical outcomes and social functioning for Veterans who have experienced military sexual trauma (MST), says a VA study published in October 2021 in the Journal of Rural Health.

  • Welcome to a new VHA podcast, PTSD Bytes

    New VA podcast, PTSD Bytes. Experts and innovators about how technology can support people with PTSD or other mental health concerns.

  • VA genetics program aims to increase mental health treatments for Veterans

    Leaders of the Million Veteran Program (MVP) are addressing this gap through a new initiative called MVP MIND. It will survey 50,000 new participants with serious mental health conditions about their experiences. MVP officials believe such efforts will lead to more powerful research into these issues and better treatments.

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