• VA study: Screening for thoughts of suicide can identify missed chances to save lives

    She led a case review that highlighted missed opportunities to screen a Veteran for suicidal ideation—thoughts of taking one’s own life—and to provide appropriate follow-up care during an emergency department (ED) visit. The case review, part of a larger study on ED care, appeared in the Journal of Emergency Nursing in November 2021.

  • MVP study shows effectiveness of genetic screening tool for breast cancer risk

    Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer for American women. Although mammogram screenings have lowered the number of deaths from breast cancer, better screening methods could help determine risk and help prevent the cancer before it develops, according to the study researchers.

  • Desert Storm Veteran in new battle with prostate cancer

    Today at age 56, Atkinson is fighting another battle—this time a case of aggressive prostate cancer. Thanks to treatment at the VA Portland Health Care System, his condition has improved dramatically in recent months through precision oncology—the molecular profiling of tumors to identify targetable alterations that can be treated therapeutically. Most recently, his PSA level had plummeted to 0.2, after a high of 115 in December.

  • Study: Different emotions may drive male, female Veterans to attempt suicide

    In interviews with the researchers, 25 male Veterans and 25 female Veterans who had made a recent suicide attempt discussed their suicidal thoughts. In the moments before they tried taking their lives, the women recalled feeling “shameful,” “tainted,” and “worthless.” The men talked about feeling overwhelmed and remembered thinking, “it just wasn't worth it,” “I've had enough,” and “screw this.”

  • Can community engagement prevent Veteran suicides?

    VA research study aims to establish a stronger sense of social connectedness for Veterans at high risk of suicide by increasing their participation in community activities.

  • Veteran finds a path to work and mental health

    Navy Veteran John found help for his personal challenges with a VA program that promotes skill building, socialization and development of coping strategies for Veterans with chronic mental illnesses.

  • Honoring those who served at the Gathering of Warriors Veterans Summit

    The Gathering of Warriors Veterans Summit honored those who served with the opportunity to connect and share Veteran-related resources and programs.

  • VA hepatology pharmacist Long Do implements out-of-the-box ideas to reduce hepatitis infections among Veterans

    During Hepatitis Awareness Month, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs […]

  • As a VA Hepatology Nurse Care Coordinator, Dana Smothers is on the front lines of efforts to reduce hepatitis C among Veterans

    May is Hepatitis Awareness Month, and that means it’s time […]

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