• Provider webinar for Veterans with burn pit, other airborne hazard exposures

    A March 24 provider webinar will discuss Veteran health concerns related to exposure to burn pits and other airborne hazards.

  • VA nursing leadership makes new hires a top priority

    VA nursing leadership assesses the needs of new hires to properly set them up for success.

  • VA sets new hires up for success

    Are you looking for a new nursing position? VA has […]

  • Provider Webinar: Community care referrals

    An upcoming webinar will provide health care providers an overview of VA community care referrals and associated processes.

  • Apply today: nursing residency program

    VA’s 12-month nursing residency program is designed to help new graduate RNs transition from the classroom to practice. Apply today!

  • VA Training Modernization effort will improve Veteran experience

    To ensure all VA staff are trained in a consistent, world-class manner using best practices, VA initiated a Training Modernization process.

  • Apply for a career aiding Veterans and their caregivers

    VA has made a renewed commitment to supporting Veterans and their caregivers and is hiring for positions in the Caregiver Support Program.

  • Greenhouse initiative bloomed in 2021

    Greenhouse Initiative: VA health care innovation community gets input from Veterans and employees for solutions to improve care.

  • Nursing residency program is a way to give back to Veterans

    VA’s 12-month RNTTP Residency Program is designed to help new graduate RNs transition from the classroom to practice. Learn how the program can support your nursing career.

  • Learn more about a nursing program structured for your success

    Have you recently graduated from nursing school? Want to learn […]

  • Unique opportunities: Five entry-level jobs at VA you might not know existed

    While VA careers are often associated with clinical work, there are entry-level positions that fly under the radar. Is your next job among them?

  • Every day is Veterans Day at VA

    As we celebrate Veterans Day this week, there is no […]

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