• Mobile apps giving Veterans more control over their health

    An Army Veteran talks about the value he gets from a third-party mobile application that connects directly to his VA.gov profile.

  • Start online to make the most of your health care visit

    With eScreening, fill out some forms before talking to your provider and free up more time to focus on your health concerns.

  • VA websites get ongoing enhancements

    VA’s websites are a work on progress, with new features and options being added to ease and improve the ability of Veterans to find the resources they need.

  • CLEAR app lets Veterans carry their vaccine and health records anywhere

    Like millions of Americans vaccinated against COVID-19, you might find yourself digging for your vaccine card to enter restaurants, shops, concerts and other venues. To help make life easier for Veterans and family members, VA accepted onto its list of available third-party mobile apps the CLEAR Health Pass app—which stores and displays mobile vaccine cards.

  • Single sign-in eases Veteran access to VA websites

    My HealtheVet is joining  VA.gov and My VA Health in offering a consistent sign-in experience, which also adds a layer of security.

  • VA Training Modernization effort will improve Veteran experience

    To ensure all VA staff are trained in a consistent, world-class manner using best practices, VA initiated a Training Modernization process.

  • Veterans, family members have single page to get started for VA benefits, services information

    Veteran and family member can access to benefits and services at www.va.gov/getstarted and through two handbooks on the page.

  • Veteran Orientation Express increases understanding and enhances the Veteran experience

    Veteran Orientation Express is a web-based tool and series of videos that are designed to increase understanding of the VR&E program.

  • How to access your health records through third party applications

    Are you a Veteran with an upcoming health care appointment? Need to quickly check the date of your last tetanus shot? Need to remember what antibiotic you last took? Need to review your health records before your next visit? Finding what you need, when you need it, in your VA health care history can seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be. One quick and easy solution is third-party applications.

  • New financial tool provides Veterans more control and transparency

    OIT’s new financial management tool is making it easier for Veterans to access and manage their debt with VA.

  • The State of Veteran Customer Experience

    The State of Veteran Customer Experience Community Partner Mini-Summit gives VA an opportunity to share examples of how our strong partnerships have made the experience of our Veterans easier, more effective, and more emotionally resonate.

  • New site offers Veterans, family members VA benefits, services information

    The VA developed a new website landing page to increase Veteran and family member access to benefits and services at www.va.gov/getstarted.

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