• Veterans Health Equity Podcast Season 2

    VA’s Office of Health Equity’s unique podcast series reviews VA programs, initiatives, and Veteran experiences within the past year.

  • Health Equity Podcast Episode 8 – LGBTQ+ Veteran health

    The Veterans Health Equity: Leave No Veteran Behind podcast turns a page on LGBTQ+ Veteran health.

  • Health Equity podcast #6: Preventing diabetic foot ulcers

    Veterans Health Equity podcast reviews PAVE, a remote patient monitoring tool used for preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

  • Health equity podcast: Veterans’ sociocultural determinants of health

    The newest health equity podcast focuses on the role social factors have in influencing Veterans' health outcomes.

  • Health equity podcast episode 3 – Racism and its effects on health in Veterans

    Explore how racism and discrimination can impact Veterans’ health in this episode of Veterans equity podcast: Leave No Veteran Behind.

  • VA’s PRIDE program – this week’s Veteran health equity podcast

    Explore how VA’s PRIDE program has expanded in this health equity podcast. An Army combat Veteran of 28 years shares her transgender story.

  • Social Determinants of Health – Veteran Health Equity podcast episode 1

    VA’s Office of Health Equity champions the advancement of health equity and the reduction of health disparities in Veterans.

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