• Celebrating independence with adaptive sports and therapeutic recreation

    America’s Warrior Partnership empowers Veterans to find their ideal recreational program through services such as the Four Star Alliance and The Network

  • Nutrition essential for managing kidney disease

    The VA partnership with American Kidney Fund adds to existing VA programs and services that support Veterans through early identification of kidney disease and referral for appropriate treatment.

  • Partnership assists Veterans with Parkinson’s disease

    Vietnam Veteran nurse Lou Eisenbrandt would treat everything from malaria to massive head traumas in the Chu Lai 91st Evac Hospital. Today, her primary advocacy is more personal: Parkinson’s disease.

  • New Year, New You: VA’s online resources can help you handle life’s challenges

    Adjusting to change can be stressful at any point in life, even more so during these challenging times. Moving Forward is a free, anonymous resource that can help you take on challenges step-by-step.

  • Top Veteran Resources of 2020

    The top Veterans resources of 2020 includes discounted internet plans, free state hunting licenses, free flights, free audiobooks, lifetime passes to National Parks, free flu shots, even on-base access to commissaries.

  • Veterans: Don’t just “deal with” your anger

    VA has online resources to help you manage and learn to control feelings of anger or irritability. Learn about VA’s online web course: Anger & Irritability Management Skills (AIMS).

  • VA’s online resources for Veterans now more convenient

    VA offers free online self-help resources that can now be accessed by computer or mobile device. These online tools and resources have been updated so you can use them at home or on the go.

  • AARP offers free caregiving resources for Veterans, families

    AARP offers free caregiving resources for Veterans and their families and you do not have to be a member to qualify.

  • Independence Fund expands program with gift cards for Veterans

    Independence Fund expands program for Veterans with $100 gift cards to alleviate financial struggles while expanding online resources.

  • TogetherWeServed.com offers digital shadow box

    TogetherWeServed.com provides the opportunity for family members to record Veteran military service and memories, in their own words and photographs.

  • Walgreens HERO program to hire 5,000 Veterans

    Walgreens established the HERO program for Veterans to transition the leadership skills learned through military service into a retail management career such as assistant store manager trainee and shift lead.

  • University of Central Oklahoma connects Veterans with resources

    More than 15 organizations were on site to engage with students, veterans, active duty service members, and others who came in search of information on how to engage in the civilian world.

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