• George Paris Davis III: Eyes in the Sky

    In his 20-year career with the Army, George Paris Davis III flew clandestine missions at the end of the Vietnam War and later worked in intelligence.

  • Clifton Arnesen: Love against hate

    Clifton Arnesen enlisted to escape his troubled childhood but was discharged due to his sexuality. Later he became an advocate for LGBT troops.

  • Richard DeLeon: Return from the Edge

    Richard DeLeon thought that his upbringing in New York had toughened him up, but everything he saw on those streets could not compare with the battlefields of Vietnam.

  • The Ambulance Driver: Elliot Hugh Lee

    The factors that decide fate can rarely, if ever, be […]

  • Giles McCoy: Surviving adrift in the Philippine Sea

    Marine Corps Private Giles McCoy survived for nearly four days after he sinking of the USS Indianapolis in the shark-infested Philippine Sea.

  • Vittles for Vets: Bill McCann

    Vietnam Veteran Bill McCann started the Vittles for Vets charity to combat hunger among Veterans by providing them the means to buy groceries.

  • A letter home: Edgar Andrews

    WWI National Guard Veteran Edgar Andrews served on the Western Front in France.

  • Recognizing the first female four-star general on Women’s Equality Day

    For Women’s Equality Day, we recognize Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody who became the first female four-star general in the U.S. Armed Forces.

  • Don Egolf: From a river to retirement

    After enlisting in the Army in 1944, Don Egolf’s nearly 20-year career took him all over the world, including Korea and Japan.

  • Salvatore Giunta: Selfless brotherhood

    Army Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta is the first living person since the Vietnam War to receive the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of members of his squad during an ambush by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

  • John Wesley Powell: Soldier, Explorer, Scientist

    John Wesley Powell served in the Army during the Civil War, and later went on to lead expeditions of the Grand Canyon and become the second director of the USGS

  • From Afghanistan to Athlete – Kirstie Ennis conquers adversity and extreme sports

    After a traumatic accident during Sgt. Kirstie Ennis’ deployment to Afghanistan left her with a prosthetic leg, she set out to inspire the world through her endeavors.

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