• The last chapter: End-of-life decisions and suicide risk

    Suicide Risk Management Consultation offers free consultation to providers who treat Veterans at risk for suicide in all phases of life.

  • Providence VA opens Capt. John H. Harwood Research Center

    Researchers working on interventions to reduce Veteran suicide, substance abuse, depression in elderly Veterans and other health care issues.

  • Postvention: Provider support for the healing journey

    Suicide loss touches many including providers. Suicide Risk Management Consultation Program provides postvention support on healing journey.

  • VA and communities support Challenge to Prevent Veteran Suicide

    VA has extended a call to action to every U.S. state and territory to join the Governor’s Challenge to Prevent Suicide among Service Members, Veterans, and their Families.

  • VA assists justice-involved Veterans through free provider consults and resources

    The VA Suicide Risk Management Consultation Program is a free resource designed to support providers as they assist justice-involved Veterans.

  • Veterans: Reach Out for support when you need it

    Suicide Prevention Month: Resources available now and all year to help you face life challenges. You don’t have to go through anything alone.

  • VA supports providers who serve Veterans

    The SRM program provides free consultation and resources: including therapeutic best practices for providers working with Veterans at risk for suicide.

  • U.S. pullout from Afghanistan: VA psychologist, post-9/11 combat Veteran on impact to Vets, service members

    “We as post-9/11 Veterans are very resilient and can make significant and positive contributions to society. But at the same time, our military service and the difficulties we face reintegrating to civilian life make us one of the highest-risk Veteran populations.”

  • VA research reveals link between moral injury and suicide risk

    Veterans and service members can experience moral injury from experiences in combat. It is a risk factor for severe distress and suicide.

  • Veterans Crisis Line reaches out with caring letters

    Caring Letters Program sends messages with simple expressions of care and concern to Veterans who use VA health care and contact crisis line.

  • Veteran suicide prevention in New Jersey

    The Veteran community of southern New Jersey came together to call attention to joint efforts to end Veteran suicide. The joint event included the display of the Flags of Forgotten Soldiers.

  • Mobile mental health apps for Veterans aim to reduce suicide risk

    VA Pittsburgh staff are working to reach more Veterans using mobile mental health apps. Project seeks to increase Veterans’ access to mobile apps to improve mental health coping and reduce suicide risk.

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