• Milwaukee Veterans Treatment Court

    Veterans Treatment Court allows qualified Veterans to minimize or get dismissed legal charges by addressing the problems that led to run-ins with the law. “We focus on treatment rather than punishment.”

  • A day in Milwaukee Veterans Treatment Court

    Veterans Treatment Court - a nontraditional approach to criminal justice in which Veterans can work to address problems. Those who complete the program typically have the charges reduced or dismissed.

  • “I go to prisons and inspire hope.” Helping Veterans readjust

    Veterans who have been arrested and incarcerated are at high risk of homelessness and suicide. VA programs help them readjust after involvement with the justice system.

  • From a life nearly destroyed by heroin, Army Veteran thrives

    Army Veteran Allicia Arredondo, today a valuable staffer at the Boise VA, shares her story of redemption. VA researchers are gaining insights into the experiences of Veterans who, like Arredondo, have been involved with the criminal justice system.

  • Army Vet gets second chance through Veterans treatment court

    Veterans who complete a Veterans Treatment Court program, which can last anywhere from six months to two years, will often have their case dismissed and later expunged.

  • A Second Chance: Veterans Treatment Courts

    Veteran Treatment Courts continue to spread across the country, welcomed by communities for their efforts to help Veterans in need.

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