• Perfect New England weather for VA Summer Sports Clinic

    More than 200 Veterans from across the country participated in the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic At-Home.

  • Texas VA disaster preparedness: Protect patient care, save lives

    Continuum of care during any disaster or incident is a priority for VA North Texas Health Care Systems’ Office of Emergency Management.

  • Oklahoma City VA and Homeless Alliance help homeless Veterans

    The pandemic canceled their Stand Down again but that didn’t stop Oklahoma City VA and the Homeless Alliance from helping homeless Veterans.

  • Volunteer gives 35,000 hours in honor of Veteran brother

    Rose Solak has volunteered to serve Veterans in the Detroit area for four decades...over 35,000 hours. She began volunteering to honor her Marine Corps brother who passed away.

  • Mobile VA hosts drive-thru food distribution, vaccination clinic

    Mobile Outpatient Clinic employees and volunteers distributed nearly 200 boxes of grocery items during a June 16 event designed to support Veterans and their families experiencing food instability.

  • Retired VA nurses return as volunteers for vaccinations

    As Charleston VA began the transition to implementing a vaccination plan, the need for volunteers to assist with the effort became evident. Charlie Tupper and Mary Fraggos are two of those volunteers.

  • 2,000 miles and three days to fulfill Veteran’s last wish

    Army Veteran Colonel Wallace Taylor served in World War II and the Korean War. When he passed away at the age of 96, friends knew he wanted to be buried alongside his mother. They made it happen.

  • VA celebrates 10 years of genetic research

    VA’s Million Veteran Program is the largest genetics research program to date, studying genes, lifestyle behaviors, and military exposures impact on health and illness. MVP talks Genetics on DNA Day.

  • VA steps up for community fight against COVID-19

    More than 100 VA employees support community vaccination efforts in several states and territories. They volunteer to give vaccines to local communities as part of VA’s 4th mission.

  • El Paso VA vaccinating Home-Based Primary Care Veterans

    Many Veterans in the Home-Based Primary Care program are elderly and extremely vulnerable to communicable diseases. Nurses and nurse practitioners volunteered to work the weekend to vaccinate them.

  • Veterans get new chance to serve on vaccination campaign

    The Veterans Coalition for Vaccination (VCV) mobilizes Veterans to deliver vaccines anywhere from the inner city to the most rural outpost in the U.S. and hopefully improve equitable access to vaccinations to all Americans, regardless of geographic or socioeconomic limitations.

  • Valentines and visitors say Thank You Veterans

    Every year around Valentine’s Day, VA invites you to help us salute our Veteran patients with cards and visits…and learn how you can volunteer to help at your local VA medical center.

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