• Make women’s health your top priority with a VA career

    As we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month here at VA, we renew our commitment to understanding and supporting women’s health care needs.

  • We’ve made a promise of equity to Veterans: help us to continue delivering on it

    As part of its mission to improve the equity for rural Veterans, VA’s Office of Rural Health has developed targeted initiatives to improve the recruitment and retention of rural health care providers and researchers.

  • Columbia VA’s special “I Care 4 Her” program

    “I Care 4 Her” initiative helps educate providers about women Veterans. Comfort level of providers with female patients has increased.

  • Innovation Revolutionary: Melissa Tran is innovating Veteran centric perinatal care

    Melissa Tran has changed Veteran perinatal care to be more interdisciplinary and easier to access in one location.

  • New Fort Smith clinic opens for Arkansas River Valley Veterans

    New 34,000-square-foot Fort Smith clinic replaces a 19,000-square-foot location; will serve 10,000 Veterans with a variety of new services.

  • WomensHealth.VA.gov website revamped

    Women Veterans now have a newly refreshed website for their health care needs. . Each page details health concerns specific to women.

  • Photos shed light on food insecurity in Post-9/11 Veterans

    The article discussed the results of an earlier study by Kamdar and colleagues that used photo-elicitation to better understand food insecurity in a group of post 9/11 Veterans with children. The researchers found that food insecurity in Veterans is highly intertwined with physical and mental health, military culture, and lack of basic resources like housing or transportation.

  • VA honors women on the front lines

    Women’s History Month: VA celebrates women on the front lines… active duty, Veteran, or VA employee, VA is proud to honor them.

  • Through yoga, VA researcher aims to help female survivors of military sexual trauma with PTSD

    Now, VA investigators are examining the effectiveness of a clinical, trauma-sensitive yoga intervention to help women Veterans who experienced military sexual trauma (MST) and went on to develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • Reduce your risk for cervical cancer

    Speak to your VA provider today about how to schedule a cervical cancer screening, your Pap and/or HPV test at your local VA facility.

  • Enhance care for women Veterans with your VA career

    With ongoing investments in hiring and support, VA is addressing the need to better serve women Veterans head-on.

  • Million Veteran Program – 10 years, 850,000 Veterans and one dream to revolutionize health care

    Million Veteran Program – After 10 years, nearly a million volunteer Veterans have joined VA scientists to change the future of health care.

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