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In a world where nutrition information is available from many sources, and many are not credible, the Fresh Focus podcast offers a safe place for Veterans to hear advice from the very Dietitians they can access in their clinic.  Dietitians from the Marion VA Health Care System will share evidenced based material, taking on today’s hot nutrition topics.  They encourage Veterans, their family, and caregivers to stay connected with a Dietitian when it’s most convenient. Series 1 contains six episodes based on what’s called “the healthy plate”.  The team is working on additional series content on pregnancy and lactation nutrition, diabetes meal planning, nutrition led cardiac rehab, caregiver support, intuitive eating, gardening, summer cooking and more.

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Fresh Focus S7 #37: Gardening: The more you grow, the healthier you eat

October 23rd, 2021|Fresh Focus, Health, VA Podcast Network|

Gardening - Fresh Focus episode 37 where Marion VA Dietitian Nutritionist Loran shares her experience with growing colorful produce at home.

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