• VA assists justice-involved Veterans through free provider consults and resources

    The VA Suicide Risk Management Consultation Program is a free resource designed to support providers as they assist justice-involved Veterans.

  • Campaign hopes to decrease Veteran suicide by firearm

    National VA Suicide Prevention launches the Lethal Means Safety campaign to decrease Veteran suicide by firearms.

  • Cdr. Hannon legislation advances mental health care

    First anniversary of landmark legislation inspired by Commander John Scott Hannon, decorated Veteran who served 23-years with Navy SEALs.

  • Partnership Challenge winner creates ‘safety net’ for Veterans’ mental health care

    Charleston VA Suicide Prevention team works with local community health hospitals to be notified when Veteran receives inpatient care there.

  • Simulation exercise ensures staff prepare for suicide situations

    South Texas VA's “Reach Out” room simulation exercises test the staff's knowledge of items that could pose harm to patients or staff.

  • Colorado partnership works to prevent Veteran suicides

    The VA Community Partnership Challenge winner developed models of Veteran suicide prevention for community partners in Colorado.

  • VA supports providers who serve Veterans

    The SRM program provides free consultation and resources: including therapeutic best practices for providers working with Veterans at risk for suicide.

  • VA mental health professionals work to prevent Veteran suicide

    VA mental health professionals walk alongside Veterans on their journey to improve their mental health, prevent Veteran suicide.

  • 2021 National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report shows decrease in Veteran suicides

    VA’s latest data from 2019 shows a decrease in suicide among Veterans from the year prior. The decrease, reflecting the lowest number of Veteran suicides since 2007, provides hope and motivation for continued prevention efforts.

  • This Suicide Prevention Month, Reach Out for support

    You don’t have to go through anything alone. It’s Suicide Prevention Month. Take a moment, Reach Out for support. Here are some ways you can.

  • VA research reveals link between moral injury and suicide risk

    Veterans and service members can experience moral injury from experiences in combat. It is a risk factor for severe distress and suicide.

  • Police officer at VA Bedford saves stranger’s life

    VA police officer Anthony Harris was driving home when he saw a man on a bridge, ready to jump. He talked him down and saved his life.

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