Military service and the skills Veterans have acquired or enhanced through their service are precisely what employers say they need. But many service members struggle with articulating their workplace value. Purepost offers free career transition services to help Veterans find their next job.

Purepost has a vision to level the playing field in the world’s talent markets. The Purepost name comes from two words:

  • Pure: Having exactly the talents or skills needed for a particular role.
  • Post: An office or position to which a person is appointed.

Purepost created software that translates a wide range of previous work experience – military or civilian – into transferable hard, soft and technical skills, and easy-to-understand job kits. The Purepost competency database maps individual experiences to transferable skills and matches them with job postings of partner organizations.

“The Purepost platform did an excellent job in helping me build my profile. The software is easy to use and very quick,” said Carl Foster, Purepost user and retired Army Veteraan. “Purepost also provides me insights on how to relate my military experience to civilian experience during interviews. Purepost enabled me to interview with Dell, Wells Fargo, Amazon, New York Life, USAA, and ultimately get a great job at Facebook.”

All job seekers – military or civilian – have access to the following free services:

  • Purepost Passport
    • Create a digital profile (resume) in 15 minutes or less.
  • Purepost Knowledge Center
    • Take all 30 video course modules to enable and further an understanding of the civilian workplace, as well as personal development and career advancement.
  • Job Matches
    • With a completed Passport, instantly match user profile with job postings of partner organizations (coming March 2022).

To apply, go to and then click on “Create my Profile” to get started. Once the user’s Passport is created, job seekers are encouraged to 1) take the most applicable Knowledge Center courses, 2) identify careers they want to pursue, and 3) apply for roles for which they are a match.

The Purepost platform provides guidelines and tools that will help Veterans hone their message, prepare for interviews and tailor their approach for individual job opportunities.

Purepost protects personal information from being shared with others for marketing purposes.

By Matthew J. Louis is the president of Purepost

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Published on Mar. 8, 2022

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