The National Disability Institute chose National Military Appreciation month, to launch their new Financial Capability Survey for Veterans and their families.

NDI has worked closely over the past several years, partnering with IRS and VA, to improve the overall financial wellness of Veterans, service members and their families because increased access and awareness of financial capability resources will promote financial independence.

Veterans, service members and their families deserve, and often need, assistance in identifying safe, reliable financial education and money management options to achieve their short- and long-term goals. Free tax preparation and money-management resources provide teachable moments towards building a strong pathway to financial wellness and independence. These resources are proven most successful when accessed in programs and locations of service and support identified as veteran-specific or trusted by the community.

National Disability Institute (NDI) is the only national nonprofit dedicated exclusively to building a better economic future for people with disabilities. Its strength is our expertise and proven experience in creating replicable, scalable solutions that produce tangible impact for individuals, families, communities, states, and government. NDI staff is experienced in working with both the disability and Veteran communities. Its spectrum of work focuses on six mission-critical areas: financial education, tax preparation, benefits planning, employment, asset building and public policy.

NDI has brought new attention to the possibilities of economic empowerment for Veterans, changing thinking and behavior at an individual and systems level. NDI works in partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the IRS on a number of policy and outreach programs. Veterans depend on these two government agencies regularly for benefits and services, and NDI has strong working relationships with both, as well as national, regional and local veteran services organizations (VSOs). Working closely with these partners, NDI has made a commitment to help ensure our nation’s veterans and their families have equal access to free tax preparation, filing services and financial education opportunities.

The established working relationship between IRS, VA and NDI has resulted in free tax preparation services integrated in numerous VA and Veteran serving facilities across the country. As we continue to build and expand on our tax initiatives, we are also working towards improving financial wellness for Veterans, service members and their families. In preparing to expand financial wellness initiatives, NDI and its partners understand the importance of ensuring the Veteran community’s needs and wants are reflected.

This brief electronic survey, developed by NDI, will collect information to assist NDI and its partners in developing and improving access to free financial and tax education programs and services for Veterans, their families and organizations that serve Veterans. The survey is completely voluntary, names and personal information will not be used or collected. If you are a Veteran please take less than 10 minutes of your time to complete this very important survey to help us improve services for Veterans. If you know a Veteran(s, please encourage them to take the survey so we may reach as many Veterans and their families as possible.

Let’s all show our appreciation for our Veterans, service members and their families by ensuring the voice of our Veteran community is heard by taking the Financial Capability Survey for Veterans and their families.  Direct Link to Survey:

For more information or questions, contact Katie Metz at

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Headshot Katie Metz

Since 2001, Katie Metz has worked to increase the understanding of compliance for equal access and opportunities for persons with disabilities in both government and private sectors. As Manager of Financial Empowerment and Inclusion for National Disability Institute she’s led a number of initiatives in asset development and financial education training for individuals with disabilities, military, Veterans and their families. Specializing in Veteran partnerships, Katie has created and organized multiple education and curriculum programs, designed to ensure educational and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

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Published on May. 25, 2016

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  1. Peedee Wyre May 28, 2016 at 1:19 am

    For all my fellow Veterans and their families: Thank you.
    “Lest we forget.”

  2. Geri Priscilla Davis May 25, 2016 at 11:43 am

    Words of encouragement to all Desert Shield Desert Storm veterans have a blessed Memorial holiday with your love ones and family and friends Godspeed. G.Davis

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