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We had a fun and impactful week in Detroit last spring for Operation Motown Muster, and we are rolling with its momentum straight into the next Mass Deployment June 8-15, 2017. This year’s Mass Deployment has been dubbed Operation Westside Surge, and it will bring us to Atlanta, one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse cities in the country today.

Just like last year, this service opportunity will have you spending a week digging, drilling and dining alongside 70-plus  like-minded veterans from around the country.

The application for newcomers is open from February 3 until March 31. The earlier you apply, the better!

New to our Mass Deployment program?West Side Surge graphic

Mass Deployment is a team-based week-long service project that mobilizes Veterans, local partners and volunteers. Each year we select a city with a need for revitalization and the potential for sustainable growth, ensuring our efforts and resources have a visible impact within the communities we serve.

Our purpose is to seed future leaders and motivate more Veterans to embrace new roles of service in their community — while inspiring others to serve. And with more than 200 active members of The Mission Continues engaged in community efforts across Atlanta, Veteran leadership will sustain this work long after Mass Deployment is over.

Why we chose Atlanta

Atlanta has a proud history–and future–worth fighting for. Today, Atlanta’s Westside faces poverty related trials that many Veterans witnessed during deployments to countries in crisis. As with many urban areas in America, residents face daily trials related to under-resourced schools, depopulation, blight and unemployment.

But positive progress is on the horizon. Local community groups have been working hard to create a brighter future for the families who live there.

And now Veterans are responding, too, through our Service Platoon Program. By reporting for duty alongside these committed Veterans, you can help us give Atlanta a shot in the arm. Join us in creating solutions to ensure positive progress continues!

Report for duty in your community with The Mission Continues. Serve with a Service Platoon at an upcoming service event near you or apply for a fellowship. You can learn more about our programs on our website and stay updated on the latest news and announcements on Facebook and Twitter.

image veterans using a jackhammer to make repairs to an outdoor basketball court

This guest post was submitted to VAntage Point by The Mission Continues and originally appeared on The Mission Continues blog. The Mission Continues empowers Veterans who are adjusting to life at home to find purpose through community impact. Operations in cities nationwide deploy Veteran volunteers alongside non-profit partners and community leaders to solve some of the most challenging issues facing communities: improving community education resources, eliminating food deserts, mentoring at-risk youth and more. Through this unique model, Veterans build new skills and networks that help them successfully reintegrate to life after the military while making long-term, sustainable transformations in communities and inspiring future generations to serve.

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Published on Feb. 10, 2017

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  1. Morgan Greene February 11, 2017 at 10:21 am

    Mass Deployment program doing a great contribution for sustainable development. Atlanta, another great city to continue the program. Mass Deployment helped to catalyze a long-lasting transformation in the Detroit communities. Go forward!

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