VA Photos of the Week highlights the connections made between our employees and the Veterans they serve every day at VA medical centers, regional offices, and national cemeteries across the country.

This week, photographers from Puerto Rico, Virginia, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Montana and Texas shared their best images with us.

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Thank you to Paws for Purple Hearts Virginia for bringing service-dogs-in-training for a staff meet and pet at the Richmond VAMC. Photo via Richmond VA staff.

Last week, Puerto Rico suffered a series of earthquakes. Dr. Maricarmen Cruz-Jimenez, Acting Chief of Staff, VA Caribbean Healthcare System, went with the outreach team this past Saturday to Guaníca, Puerto Rico, to offer medical and emotional support and other resources. Guaníca is one of the hardest-hit areas in Puerto Rico following the initial earthquake on January 7th and the on-going aftershocks. The outreach team also visited Yauco and will be going to Guayanilla to continue providing assistance. Photo via San Juan VA staff.

Kevin McDermott, a volunteer with the New England Healing Sports Association, helps a disabled Veteran ski at Mount Sunapee, N.H., during the New England Winter Sports Clinic for Veterans with Disabilities. Photo by Katherine Tang, White River Junction VA Medical Center public affairs officer.

The Tomah VA held an Arts for Wellness: Basket Making class. Veterans had the opportunity to select from three different baskets to make by hand, and many will be on display at the local Creative Arts Festival. Photo via Tomah VA staff.

In an indoor arena on the outskirts of Billings, Montana, Amanda Ott, Program Director for Horses Spirits Healing, is working with Veterans who wish to upgrade their riding skills. “I’ve always ridden horses, but now I’m learning the finer aspects so I can compete,” said Air Force Veteran Colt Little Owl. “We can serve all levels of able-bodied or people with a physical limitation such as amputations or quadriplegia, as well as anyone with PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury,” said Ott. “Some Veterans never ride by choice, but they still benefit from the equine interaction and relationship. For those that do want to ride, once basic horsemanship is mastered and trust is established, Veterans can advance to several different disciplines, such as Western riding, Dressage, or Competitive Jumping.” The Montana VA Health Care System has been utilizing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy since 2013 and it has proven an effective treatment for Veterans. Photo via Montana VA staff.

Armintia Alcorn, occupational therapist at VA North Texas, leads a chair yoga class during the VA North Texas Health Care System Employee Healthy Living Event 2020 held at Dallas VA Medical Center. The event kicked off with mindfulness meditation and offered wellness activities throughout the day to include breathing exercises, chair yoga, healthy cooking demonstration and tasting, and Tai Chi. Photo by Jennifer Roy, public affairs specialist at the
VA North Texas Health Care System.

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Published on Jan. 17, 2020

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