Picture shows the Virtual Student Federal Service Logo and BrandingAre you interested in making a real difference in the world? Did all your other internship options get shut down due to the coronavirus? A Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) internship with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Digital Media Engagement (DME) team provides the perfect opportunity to: gain practical work experience, apply current skills, learn new skills, network and collaborate with a team of dedicated interns from across the country and VA employees while also supporting and honoring our nation’s Veterans.

Benefits and opportunities

An internship with DME provides an array of benefits to interns, which include:

  • Maintaining a flexible work schedule (10 hours/week online and on your schedule).
  • Teamwork, inter-departmental collaboration, and communication experience in a virtual setting.
  • Gaining a greater understanding of Veterans’ lives and how VA supports them.
  • Using interactive tools, such as Slack and Trello, to gain valuable communication skills while working on various team projects.
  • Gaining relevant and transferable work experience while working with VA collaborators to highlight Veterans’ stories, contributions, and issues across VA’s digital platforms.

Current internship opportunities

Public URL Project Title Project Code
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4469 Podcast Host – DME Interns Podcast VA-USA-82
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4468 Podcast Producer – DME Interns Podcast VA-USA-81
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4466 Coordinating Producer – DME Interns podcast VA-USA-79
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4465 Web Security Intern VA-USA-78
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4463 WordPress Web Development VA-USA-77
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4461 WordPress Web Content Management VA-USA-76
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4457 Transcription/Video Captioner VA-USA-75
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4452 YouTube Channel Manager VA-USA-74
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4450 Social Media Analyst VA-USA-73
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4429 Graphic Design Intern VA-USA-72
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4409 Google Analytics – Tell Us Something Interesting About Our Blog VA-USA-71
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4302 Human Resources Intern VA-USA-62
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4299 Accessibility Intern VA-USA-61
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4289 Learn how to lead a team as a Department Head with VA’s Digital Media Engagement Team VA-USA-58
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4265 Project Manager – External Affairs VA-USA-55
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4262 Find awesome photos for the VA to use on Social Media VA-USA-54
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4259 Researcher VA-USA-53
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4249 Writing Intern VA-USA-52
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4248 Special Projects Intern VA-USA-51
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4214 Social Media Intern – Social Media Special Projects VA-USA-47
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4212 Social Media Intern – Instagram VA-USA-46
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4209 Social Media Intern – Comment Moderator VA-USA-45
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4204 Newsletter Development Intern VA-USA-44
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4187 Editing Intern VA-USA-43
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4182 Writing Intern – Borne the Battle Podcast VA-USA-42
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4177 Video/Social Media Production Assistant – Borne the Battle Podcast VA-USA-41
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4176 Podcast – Transcription VA-USA-40
https://vsfs.state.gov/projects/4132 Coordinating Producer – Borne the Battle podcast VA-USA-38

How to apply

If you are unsure about how to apply to this program, we created a full start-to-finish walk-through video showing the different steps in the process.

There is also a very thorough explanation of the application process on the VSFS website: https://vsfs.state.gov/apply.

Accomplishments and testimonials

Read the accomplishments and testimonials of past interns to learn more about the program:



Length of internship

The internship will officially run from September 2021 to May 2022, although you’re able to begin work as soon as you accept an offer, which might be as early as mid August.

Application deadline

#ApplyinJuly: Applications opened on July 1, 2021, and will close July 31, 2021.

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Published on Jul. 12, 2021

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