• Supporting minority Veterans: Interview with Center for Minority Veterans Director James Albino

    Center for Minority Veterans Director James Albino discusses how VA is striving to ensure that all Veterans receive equal service.

  • The Mother Teresa of recreation therapy has retired

    Joyce Casey, a Spinal Cord Injury recreation therapist, has saved and changed the lives of thousands of paralyzed Veterans.

  • Picture a bright future as a diagnostic radiologic technician at VA

    During National Radiologic Technology Week, VA celebrates the diagnostic radiologic technicians who help Veterans lead longer, healthier lives.

  • VA resources and support during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

    During Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and beyond, VA encourages Veterans, their partners, and VA staff members to check out resources and services related to intimate partner violence (IPV).

  • VIDEO: A VA insider talks recruitment and staffing during COVID

    Russ Peal, Director of the Workforce Recruitment & Retention Service at VA, recently chatted about health care recruitment and life at VA on LinkedIn.

  • 3 ways ophthalmologists are making a difference for Veterans

    In honor of National Eye Exam Month, we’re looking at how ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals are changing lives at VA.

  • Unexpected Marine reunion inside Milwaukee VA Emergency Department

    When Max Zaruba sliced his finger in a freak accident, he wasn't expecting a Marine reunion inside the Milwaukee VA until he saw his old buddy from Iraq.

  • Complementary medicine providers focus on whole health of Veterans

    To provide well-rounded health care, VA seeks complementary medical providers and traditional health care professionals interested in this approach.

  • You got the job at VA — now what?

    You got a job at VA to help take care of Veterans. Great! Now learn what to expect during the onboarding process and on your first day at VA.

  • What to expect during a VA virtual career fair

    For some Veterans, attending a virtual job fair might seem a little daunting. Find out what to expect at a VA online career event.

  • Looking for some country air? These rural VA sites have jobs

    Are green, open spaces calling your name? You’re not alone. […]

  • VA offers hiring preference, support to employees with disabilities

    VA is committed to hiring employees with disabilities and providing accommodations and support to help them thrive at work.

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