• Women Veterans: Information for your non-VA care providers

    Opportunities for women Veterans to share with their non-VA care providers how to best serve their health care needs. Including link to training course.

  • Women Veterans health care: Reasons to consider VA

    Women Veterans should consider VA health benefits, including personalized, comprehensive care such as routine check-ups, cancer screenings, birth control and mammograms.

  • Center for Women Veterans Book Corner: Army Veteran Jessica Pekari

    This month’s Center for Women Veterans Book Corner author is Army Veteran Jessica Pekari, who served from 2006-2010.

  • Reflections from the Front: A new podcast from the VA history office

    Reflections from the Front is a VA history podcast that can be found on all major podcast platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

  • VA honors Women’s Equality Day

    August 26 is Women's Equality Day. One hundred two years ago this month, the 19th Amendment was ratified solidifying the right to vote for women.

  • CWV Book Corner, August: Navy Veteran Valerie AnnMarie Ormond

    Each month, the VA’s Center for Women Veterans profiles a different woman Veteran author as part of its Women Veteran Authors Book Corner. This month’s author is Navy Veteran Valerie Ormond, who served from 1984 to 2009.

  • PTSD Bytes #14: Military Sexual Trauma

    Dr. Amy Street, deputy director of the National Center for PTSD Women’s Health Science Division, Boston VA, discusses military sexual trauma.

  • Women Veterans’ preventive health care resources

    Preventive health care is important. Women Veterans, talk with your VA primary care provider about checkups, screenings, and vaccines you need.

  • Treatment for menopause symptoms available at VA

    Menopause is a natural part of aging that affects each person differently. Talk to your VA provider for help managing your symptoms.

  • Center for Women Veterans Book Corner, July: Army Veteran Tanya R. Whitney

    This month’s Women Veteran Authors Book Corner author is U.S. Army retired Master Sergeant Tanya R. Whitney, who served from 1983-2010.

  • Kansas City VA annual Salute to Women Veterans

    The Kansas City VA's annual Salute to Women Veterans at Kansas City VA recognizes service and challenges of women Veterans.

  • Woman Veteran recommends VA health care safe space

    Air Force Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran tells other women Veterans how VA women’s health care “Changed the whole trajectory of my life.”

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