• Christmas at VA medical centers

    VA employees at medical centers deliver Christmas gifts and good cheer to Veterans living in their Community Living Centers (nursing homes) and elsewhere.

  • Memory Club helps Veterans reflect on memories from their past

    Medical center's memory club is reminiscence therapy that keeps Veteran minds active and helps them remember the good ol’ days.

  • 12 reasons to consider a VA career as a long-term care nurse

    Working as a long-term care nurse at VA, you’ll help provide a home away from home for Veterans needing around-the-clock skilled nursing care.

  • VA priority: Vaccinating Veterans in CLCs

    Residents of VA’s 134 nursing homes who are older and may have complex health conditions remain a priority for COVID-19 vaccination. VA’s goal is to vaccinate every Veteran who wants one.

  • Face-to-face visits for Community Living Center Veterans

    The Coatesville VA resumed allowing face-to-face visits for Community Living Center Veterans. Resident John Anker was nervous to see his wife for the first time in a year, saying it felt “like a first date.”

  • Palliative and hospice care staff lift Veterans’ spirits with “Silver Lining Stories”

    It was an opportunity for employees and staff members to share uplifting stories with one another. Talking about all the good that is happening for Veterans at their facilities and in their own lives.

  • How a negative pressure room lets families say goodbye

    Renee Radermacher recommended converting a family room adjacent to a patient hospice room to a negative pressure room, allowing up to three family members to visit for one hour each day.

  • Operation Mail Call connects isolated Veterans with the world

    Isolated Veterans in the VA Central Western Massachusetts community living center know they haven’t been forgotten thanks to the hundreds of letters they have received through Operation Mail Call.

  • Do-it-yourself dialysis for Pittsburgh CLC Veterans

    Veterans in the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System community living center (CLC) can now do their own kidney dialysis without leaving the CLC and potentially being exposed to COVID-19.

  • Veteran centenarian sisters stay in touch during pandemic

    Meta Monteleon, our country’s oldest Army nurse Veteran (105), connects with her sister Virginia (100) on her smart phone. Both were Army nurses in World War II. “We’ve come a long way.”

  • Vets’ fishing trip part of “treating the whole resident”

    Veterans from the Wilkes-Barre’s Community Living Center went on a fishing trip and forgot exams and medications. It was all about smiles and comradery. And, of course, the one that got away.

  • Massage therapist’s healing hands help Veterans

    Army Veteran and licensed massage therapist Terry Smith volunteers the expert touch of her healing hands to residents of the Columbia VA Health Care System Community Living Center.

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