• Why I get my health care at VA: Polytrauma helps Veterans survive multiple traumas and injuries

    Hear from Veterans who have survived multiple serious injuries and how VA is helping them in the Polytrauma program.

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Veterans speak on Vet Centers

    Hear from Veterans who know Vet Centers – storefront centers staffed by combat Veterans understand what it’s like to transition.

  • Study: Combat a possible risk factor for hepatitis B

    A new study finds Veteran prevalence of hepatitis B to be greatest among those with traditional risk factors, but also suggests that combat exposure can be a risk factor on its own.

  • 8 Things to Know About PTSD

    Here are 8 things to know about PTSD and effective treatments from VA’s National Center for PTSD.

  • The job of preventing suicides one case at a time

    Two Suicide Prevention Coordinators on the Gulf Coast define their job as helping those who have served and getting them the access to whatever care they need. “A very humbling experience.”

  • How Writing Helps Heal Portland Veterans

    “One of my patients once told me that it wasn’t until he started writing that he started to heal after Vietnam because it allowed him to say what was on his mind and in his heart.”

  • A group of older Salt Lake City Veterans use their years of experience to help younger generations

    Inside the Deer Creek conference room of Building 16 at the Salt Lake City VA Health Care System sit two World War II Veterans and two Korean War Veterans. Combined they share 352 years of wisdom, strength and courage.

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