• Four ways VA makes it easy to head back to school

    VA programs offer our employees a chance to head back to school and further their professional development.

  • 5 questions you should ask before going back to school

    If you’re on the fence about whether to continue your education, consider these five questions before taking the leap back into school.

  • Advance your nursing career with financial support from VA

    For Debbie Sommer, being a VA nurse has paid off, […]

  • VA scholarship program pays tuition and salary while you’re in school

    The VA National Education for Employees Program (VANEEP) covers your education costs and also pays your replacement salary while you attend school full-time.

  • VA’s Employee Education System accredited

    EES’ most recent accreditation in respiratory therapy from the American Association of Respiratory Care offers invaluable up-to-date training as most hospitalized COVID patients require oxygen therapy.

  • VA SimLEARN program improves providers frontline readiness

    SimLEARN Program helps VA health care providers keep skills sharp and maintain readiness. More than 1000 nurses will have trained in one their programs by the end of September.

  • Three ways VA helps military spouses continue their education

    Military spouses interested in continuing their education to advance a […]

  • How VA helps transitioning military, spouses pursue civilian careers

    VA offers various programs for Veterans and their transitioning military spouses that support their search for a successful civilian career.

  • VA scholarship helped Jude Martinez discover a fulfilling career in nursing

    The VA National Education for Employees Program provides a tax-free scholarship to qualifying VA employees so they can pursue clinical licensure.

  • VANEEP scholarship helped Amy Grim pursue nursing while caring for Veterans

    VANEEP provides a tax-free scholarship to qualifying VA employees, like Amy Grim, who took nursing classes at night to become a VA nurse.

  • VA’s nursing scholarship helped Staff Development Specialist Meg Summey advance her education while serving Veterans

    Continuous learning is an essential component of providing top-notch healthcare […]

  • Fellowship helps student Veteran succeed in and out of the classroom

    The fellowship helped me to pinpoint where my own strengths lie and how to wield them to make an impact in my career.

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