• VA and Elizabeth Dole Foundation host National Caregiver Convening

    Elizabeth Dole Foundation and VA partnership reflects belief that caregivers are essential to Veterans’ care and have earned our gratitude.

  • Caregiver of Iraqi Freedom Veteran praises Campaign for Inclusive Care

    A caregiver for an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran shares her journey in the Campaign for Inclusive Care and VA’s Caregiver Support Program.

  • Elizabeth Dole Foundation offers free help for caregivers

    Caregivers can receive 35 hours of free help with support through the Respite Relief program – so you can take care of you.

  • Caregivers have been overlooked, those days are over, VA secretary says

    Caregivers have been overlooked by VA over the years, but those days are over, VA Secretary Denis McDonough said Oct. 29. Speaking at the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s Sixth Annual National Convening, McDonough said one of VA’s most important jobs is to support caregivers.

  • Caregiver shares story of support for her Veteran spouse

    Bree Shields hopes her story encourages other military caregivers and Veterans to get the help they need through shared resources

  • VA family and caregiver resources

    Family members of Veterans are currently facing two challenges – supporting the Veteran they love with all they are thinking and feeling and coping with their own thoughts and feelings. VA has resources and information for both of these challenges.

  • AARP offers free resources for military caregivers grappling with stress, suicidal thoughts

    AARP has free resources to help military caregivers with stress, including a Facebook group for support and strategies developed with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation.

  • Free help at home for Veterans from the Elizabeth Dole Foundation

    The Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s Respite Relief Program provides FREE caregiving support to you, the Veteran, while giving your family caregiver a time for respite so they can run an errand, go for a walk, or simply relax. This free program is available to caregivers of pre and post 9/11 active-duty service members and Veterans. 

  • Let’s talk about Afghanistan: Resources for Veterans and their families

    Due to Veterans from all eras reacting to the events in Afghanistan, such as withdrawal and take over by the Taliban, VA is working quickly to share resources, call center information, peer support and other community services.

  • A Memorial Day Message from Hidden Heroes and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation

    Memorial Day is a difficult time for the military caregivers Hidden Heroes supports. Many will spend this weekend honoring and remembering those who were lost, while also doing their best to support their Veteran, who may be struggling to process their grief on this day.

  • Respite relief for Military and Veteran’s Caregivers program now available nationwide

    The Elizabeth Dole Foundation (EDF), in partnership with VA, has announced the expansion of the Respite Relief for Military and Veterans Caregivers program.

  • Support to Veteran caregivers during COVID-19

    Partnership between VA and Elizabeth Dole Foundation offers 40,000 hours of free home health care to more than 1,600 Veteran caregiver families.

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