• Virtual visits provide follow up care without trip to emergency room

    Trips to the emergency room or clinic used to be necessary for all wound care follow-ups. VA now has multiple virtual visits as an option.

  • Veteran Henry Howard recounts supportive VA services on road to recovery

    Veteran Henry Howard was “hiding things” until he called the VA Crisis Hotline. He tells how a VA team, “Transformed me into a new person.”

  • VA nurse saves lives: “The greatest feeling in the world.”

    A VA nurse asked a Veteran about his frequent emergency room visits. What the nurse suggested saved the life of the Veteran and his wife.

  • Essential events: Where to find VA recruiters this fall

    With the arrival of the fall season, VA recruiters are […]

  • Emergency room physician Dr. Stephen Gau came to VA to try a different approach to medicine — one that put Veterans first

    Dr. Stephen Gau is a board-certified emergency medicine (EM) physician […]

  • VA using simple fix to improve E.R. visits

    The VA is employing a relatively simple fix — known as the Rapid Access model — to make sure Veterans receive the follow-up care they need after being treated in an emergency room.

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