• #Live Whole Health #112: Gratitude practice

    Gratitude is the glue that holds us together in family, work and community. Here's how gratitude practice can bring gratitude into your life.

  • Live Whole Health #98: Season of gratitude

    In this season of gratitude, we can go beyond saying “thank you” by acknowledging all that has kept us going during a time of pandemic. 

  • Dr. Richard A. Stone: Farewell, with my deepest gratitude

    Dr. Richard A. Stone, acting Under Secretary for Health, Veterans Health Administration, says farewell and gives his thanks to Veterans and VHA employees.

  • Live Whole Health #79: Gratitude to improve your life

    Many people are drawn to meditation to help manage those times when things seem down or out of our control. There are many different types of meditation, including visualization, compassion, gratitude, breath, mantra – and the list goes on. These meditations can improve your life by reducing stress and anxiety, and help you feel more grounded and at ease.

  • Live Whole Health Episode #74: Improving your life with gratitude

    Gratitude is a quality, attitude or expression of thankful appreciation, and it's a positive emotion that can serve a biological purpose: scientists have measured positive effects on the body and mind from a gratitude practice.

  • Live Whole Health #64: Gratitude gives you power over mind

    Does focusing on your daily challenges lead to stress? Thinking of your challenges in this way can cause you to feel fatigued, with low energy. The mind can gravitate toward stressful thoughts without us even realizing it’s happening. The good news is that we have the power to change our perspective by refocusing on gratitude; we can train ourselves to focus on those things we are grateful for in the present moment. 

  • Five resources to help Veterans recharge this holiday season

    As you prepare for the holidays and new year, fight the urge to tackle long to-do lists. Instead, take time to recharge and get the rest you need, so you have energy to do the activities you enjoy.

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