• VA supports experiencers’ path of recovery, resilience

    Your path of recovery is yours. Find your resilience and seek help after an incident of sexual assault or harassment.

  • Effects of harassment on mental health

    When harassment is repeated and recurrent, it can be tough on the body. It adds up over time and can affect wellbeing. VA provides support.

  • Anyone can report harassment and sexual assault

    Reports of harassment and sexual assault taken seriously. All reports investigated and action will be taken. Report as soon as possible.

  • VA’s services for those impacted by intimate partner violence

    VA’s Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program has information on services available for those impacted by intimate partner violence (IPV).

  • Bystander intervention works

    Using bystander intervention, a clerical assistant sprung into action after seeing a provider being harassed by a patient.

  • VA and partners discuss sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention and response

    VA Deputy Secretary Donald M. Remy was a plenary speaker at the National Discussion on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at America’s Colleges, Universities, and Service Academies held on April 6.

  • Bystander Intervention training keeps VA safe and strong

    VA has a zero-tolerance policy toward harassment and sexual assault. The Bystander Intervention course is an important tool toward that goal.

  • VA committed to being place free of harassment, assault for all Veterans

    The following letter from VA Secretary Denis McDonough is VA’s annual distribution about anti-harassment and sexual assault.

  • Free, online Bystander Intervention Training for Veterans

    Bystander Intervention Training for Veterans is available online now. Free training to learn how to contribute to a healthy, safe environment.

  • Ending gender-based harassment at VA facilities

    VA is rolling out a new campaign at VA health care facilities to remind everyone – patients, providers and staff – that VA has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to harassment.

  • Secretary McDonough: VA is committed to diversity, equal opportunity; no room for harassment and discrimination

    As VA secretary, I will ensure that VA operates in a culture that celebrates and draws strength from our country’s great diversity.

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