• The importance of maintaining kidney health

    Many people with kidney disease don't have symptoms until kidney damage is very advanced. Blood and urine tests confirm kidney disease.

  • VA physician led landmark study on medication for treating high blood pressure

    Freis, born in Chicago in 1912, originally considered a career as an actor, before turning his focus to medical research. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 1936 and received his medical degree at Columbia University in 1940.

  • Vet credits Whole Health for return to full life

    Marine Veteran loves his wife, his church, and his bowling league. Thanks to Whole Health from VA, he is there for all of them again.

  • Wyoming team nominated for award for COVID-19 response

    Wyoming VA’s team of RPM–HT care coordinators monitor Veterans with chronic clinical issues. With phone and video visits, they help Veterans make lifestyle changes and avoid hospital visits.

  • Nutrition essential for managing kidney disease

    The VA partnership with American Kidney Fund adds to existing VA programs and services that support Veterans through early identification of kidney disease and referral for appropriate treatment.

  • Dallas VA team’s virtual high blood pressure symposium awarded

    In 2018 more than a third of Veterans in VA health care were diagnosed with high blood pressure. A team at the Dallas VA organized a virtual symposium to educate Veterans and their caregivers on HBP.

  • Minority women at greater risk of heart disease

    Minority women at greater risk of heart disease. VA providers specializing in women’s health can give you information about lowering your risk factors. Diet and exercise changes lower your risks.

  • Veterans monitor blood pressure at home

    Veteran Ronald Bordenaro’s health care visits are taking place through videoconferencing. He has high blood pressure and VA’s telehealth program has enabled him to continue his VA care at home.

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