• 12 ways to create community this holiday and connect with other Veterans

    Holidays can be a difficult time for many Veterans. Connecting with former service members can alleviate some of that stress and ward off loneliness.

  • VA can help with those holiday blues

    For Veterans with PTSD, the holidays be difficult to manage. Here are some ways to cope and manage those feelings and stressful events. Use our apps. Reach out for support. Call the Crisis Line.

  • The Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program and holiday stress

    Intimate partner relationships can experience increased stress over the holidays. VA’s Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program can help. Here’s some assistance in promoting relationship wellness.

  • Tips for Managing Stress Around the Holidays

    The holidays can be full of joy, but for some it brings stress, depression, and other challenges. Here are some healthy tips for managing these challenges.

  • Blue Christmas addresses Veterans’ holiday stress

    Blue Christmas services are for those who struggle with emotional or spiritual pain and loneliness during the holidays. Here are excerpts from a VA chaplain’s sermon to Veterans and their families.

  • Handling PTSD during the holidays

    According to psychologist Michael Terman, as many as 60 million […]

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