• VA family and caregiver resources

    Family members of Veterans are currently facing two challenges – supporting the Veteran they love with all they are thinking and feeling and coping with their own thoughts and feelings. VA has resources and information for both of these challenges.

  • Let’s talk about Afghanistan: Resources for Veterans and their families

    Due to Veterans from all eras reacting to the events in Afghanistan, such as withdrawal and take over by the Taliban, VA is working quickly to share resources, call center information, peer support and other community services.

  • Independence Fund opens Veteran eligibility to Afghan Interpreters entering U.S. under Special Immigrant Visa (SIV)

    The Independence Fund is proud to announce the inclusion of Afghan and Iraqi combat interpreters who served alongside American troops in programming eligibility. The Independence Fund serves catastrophically wounded, injured and ill Veterans and their families to help them regain their independence and assist in adapting to being home after war.

  • Independence Fund expands program with gift cards for Veterans

    Independence Fund expands program for Veterans with $100 gift cards to alleviate financial struggles while expanding online resources.

  • VA partners with The Independence Fund to help prevent Veteran suicide

    The two organizations will work together on Operation Resiliency to encourage Veterans to take part in suicide prevention initiatives.

  • #BorneTheBattle 122: Sarah Verardo – Caregiver, CEO of Independence Fund

    Sarah Verardo joins Borne The Battle to discuss her experience as her husband's caregiver and her efforts as CEO of Independence Fund.

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