• Borne the Battle #250: Marine Corps Veteran Billy Mills, Olympic Gold Medalist, Lakota Warrior

    In this 250th episode of Borne the Battle, Marine Corps Veteran and Olympic Gold Medalist and Lakota Warrior Billy Mills talks service, Olympics, and current work with Running Strong for American Indian Youth.

  • Borne the Battle #248: Air Force Veteran Marti Moore, Group Vice President of Technology Implementation, Spectrum Charter Communications

    This week’s episode of Borne the Battle features Air Force Veteran Marti Moore, who discusses her military career and her road to becoming the group vice president of Technology Implementation at Spectrum Charter Communications.

  • Borne the Battle #247: Irreverent Warriors

    This week’s episode of Borne the Battle features Texas Army National Guard Veteran Cindy McNally and Marine Corps Veteran Nate McDonald, the President and Vice President of Irreverent Warriors.

  • Borne the Battle #246: Navy Veteran Jonathan Kingham, Nashville and Operation Song Songwriter

    High military aptitude test scores and high school curiosity earned Jonathan Kingham a place in the Navy that started him on the path toward a career as a singer-songwriter. On this episode of Borne the Battle, Kingham discusses the how the Navy helped him enter the Seattle music scene, the evolution and future of the music industry and how singers and songwriters make a living from music.

  • Borne the Battle #245: Air Force Veteran Josh Seefried, DADT Repeal Advocate

    In this episode of Borne the Battle, Josh Seefried shares his life story, from being blackmailed and outed as gay to becoming one of the nation’s foremost advocates for LGBT active-duty service members.

  • Borne the Battle #243: Benefits Breakdown, Veterans Legacy Memorial

    The Veterans Legacy Memorial website at https://www.vlm.cem.va.gov/ memorializes the over 3.7 million Veterans interred in VA national cemeteries.

  • Borne the Battle BONUS: COVID Update #9: Vaccine Acceptance Successes, Building Trust with the Minority Veteran Community

    Veteran vaccine acceptance comes down to trust and truth, according to VA Office of Health and Equity’s Dr. Ernest Moy. On this bonus episode, Dr. Moy provides updates on Veteran vaccination rates and vaccine acceptance.

  • Borne the Battle #242: Navy SEAL Veteran Al Kovach, Paralympian and Former President of PVA

    When Navy Veteran Al Kovach woke up after spinal surgery, he asked the nurse if he was still alive. She answered affirmatively, and he immediately began to plan for his future as a paralyzed Veteran. He became a Paralympian, 2X winner of the LA Marathon and is a former President of Paralyzed Veterans of America.

  • Borne the Battle #241: Air Force Veteran Amanda Huffman: Writer, Author, Podcast Host

    In this episode of Borne the Battle, Air Force Veteran Amanda Huffman, a military spouse, blogger and host of the Women of the Military podcast, discusses transitioning from active duty to diaper duty, Veteran women who deploy shortly after becoming mothers and what men should be conscious of about the female military experience.

  • Borne the Battle #240: Benefits Breakdown: Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL)

    Home interest rates are at historic lows and VA home loans offer lower rates than any other type of home loan. Navy Veteran John Bell, deputy director of the VA Loan Guaranty Service, joins Borne the Battle to break down VA’s Interest Rate Reduction and Refinance Loan (IRRRL), mortgage refinancing, VA home loans and how they help Veterans stay in their homes.

  • Borne the Battle #238: Army Veteran Dr. Anneke Vandenbroek, Director of Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Easterseals

    Army Veteran Dr. Anneke Vandenbroek, a board-certified clinical psychologist, discusses changes in mental health in times of COVID, the importance of mental healthcare and how any Veteran, regardless of discharge status, can receive cost-free mental health care at any Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics in the country.

  • Borne the Battle #237: Navy Veteran Dan Kloeppel, Founder and CEO of Corporate America Supports You

    Many Veterans struggle to find well-paying jobs. Navy Veteran RADM (ret.) Daniel Kloeppel is helping Veterans gain a competitive edge in corporate America.

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