• Dallas VA GERI-VET program reunited 90-year-old Veteran with spouse

    Dallas VA staff used a new GERI-VET program to reunite a Veteran and his wife of 68 years for their last days together.

  • Five VA jobs you may qualify for with military training

    Transitioning military personnel may qualify for several positions at VA including Intermediate Care Technician and paramedic.

  • Five highly valued skills Veterans bring to VA careers

    Veterans Month is a great time for newly transitioning service members or longtime Veterans to be reminded that VA hires former service members.

  • Six ways to explore a civilian career working with other Veterans

    Explore a civilian career working with Veterans at VA. Here are six ways you can explore what it’s like to work at VA before you make the choice to apply.

  • VA has healthcare careers perfect for Veterans

    VA has careers, tied to specialized skillsets, where former military healthcare workers can heal and care for fellow Veterans.

  • On Hire a Vet Day, learn how you can benefit from a career at VA

    On Hire a Vet Day, we remind Veterans that a career at VA offers transitioning opportunities to succeed in life after military service.

  • VA education support helped Justin Fowler pursue an RN career

    VA’s Intermediate Care Technician program is a career track for former medics and corpsmen, and it helped Justin Fowler pursue an RN career.

  • As a VA Intermediate Care Technician, Navy Veteran Ryan Wyatt found a second home for his service and skills

    Ryan Wyatt is the first paramedic Intermediate Care Technician (ICT) […]

  • As VA Intermediate Care Technician, Navy Veteran Anthony Juarez is serving other Veterans while delivering direct patient care again

    Anthony Juarez is an Intermediate Care Technician (ICT) with the […]

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