• Live Whole Health #124: Yoga for strength and mobility

    Moving the body is important for all of us, and it can help increase stamina, improve strength, mobility, balance, or flexibility.

  • Live Whole Health #115: Mobility with movement

    If your body needs a little warming up for spring, you may want to practice some mobility exercises.

  • Physical therapy program reduces chronic pain for older Veterans

    California VA physical therapy program combines exercises with instruction on the neuroscience of pain to help older Veterans increase mobility, reduce chronic pain and improve quality of life.

  • Live Whole Health #58: Mobility with Movement

    Mobility exercises can help maintain healthy joints and increase or maintain range-of-motion and flexibility which support our daily routine and athletic activities.

  • Live Whole Health: Self-care episode #14 – Joint Mobility

    Joint mobility is how well a joint can move (like your hip joint). Mobility is an important component to staying healthy, but sometimes our mobility can be limited. An important consideration for any movement exercise is how we listen to our body. Reflecting and bringing awareness to your physical body before, during and after movement activities can help prevent adverse events or injury.

  • Veteran walks tall in his exoskeleton

    Veteran Tim Conner is the first patient at Tampa VA Medical Center to be issued his own robotic exoskeleton, which helps him stand and walk again in spite of a spinal cord injury.

  • VA North Texas brings mobility, freedom to amputee Veterans

    David Janke likes to wear comfortable shorts around VA North […]

  • Veterans serving Veterans: Researchers who served

    Matt Landis is man with a passion for service. The Army Veteran is a computer engineer at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL), a joint project between the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System and the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Get paid to travel: become a VHA travel nurse

    Passionate about health care? Looking for a new exciting opportunity […]

  • Summer moving season: Find VA careers from coast to coast

    Summer is just around the corner. That means warm weather, […]

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