• Navy Veteran with MS finds purpose in life

    Navy Veteran talks candidly about his “dark places” and helping others and learning that “reality is what we make it.” A picture of a plant helped.

  • Blind Veteran grateful to Houston VA Low Vision Clinic

    “I was impressed with how detail oriented they were with my assessments. Some staff members were blind, which gave me motivation and hope.”

  • Army Veteran with MS finds joy in life

    He was diagnosed with MS in 1991 and reflects on his life as, ”A man who has lived a good life and is surrounded by people who love him.”

  • Army Veteran with Multiple Sclerosis teaches kids archery

    Veteran Scott Cleland does not let his Multiple Sclerosis keep him from teaching archery to students. “Say yes to good opportunities.”

  • West Point graduate with multiple sclerosis preparing for ultra-marathon

    West Point graduate Kathleen Owings has not let multiple sclerosis slow her down. Enjoys challenging herself running and uphill skiing.

  • Marine Corps Veteran climbs multiple sclerosis mountain

    Marine Corps Veteran with multiple sclerosis describes the highs and lows of her personal mountain. Determined to “start living again.”

  • Fresh Focus S6 #31: Speech Therapy

    As a caregiver or someone in a Veteran’s support system, you may notice your loved one having difficulty chewing or swallowing certain food items. Although there are suggestions your VA Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will make, we often pair up with Speech Therapy for a comprehensive team approach.

  • Navy submarine Veteran describes life with multiple sclerosis

    Navy Veteran Frank Helenberger was diagnosed with MS while working as a firefighter and paramedic. He describes the onset of the condition in precise detail. And how he is dealing with it today.

  • Army Veteran’s life with Multiple Sclerosis

    Veteran Nick Mangus has been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 1988. He lives a full and adventurous life. His is a story of adaptability and perseverance…an inspiration to others with MS…and all of us.

  • Air Force Veteran Karla: Why I get my health care at VA

    AF Veteran Karla never realized she was eligible for VA services until a friend suggested she look into it. She is very happy she did and shares her story of how VA “has taken excellent care of me.”

  • Accepting Life’s Changes: A Veteran Living with MS

    Navy Veteran Michael Whittaker has accepted life changes and challenges living with Multiple Sclerosis MS and is making the best of every moment, with some help from VA.

  • VA, caregivers work together to help ailing Veterans

    It is a tough, labor-of-love, kind of job. VA partners with family member caregivers to help provide critical round-the-clock support of their Veterans.

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