• Vietnam Veteran sends a special thank you

    “Ms. Duong is the first Vietnamese person I have talked to since Vietnam in 1970. I could tell immediately that she sincerely cared about me.”

  • Army colonel shares what it’s like as a physician assistant at VA

    On VA’s “Talk About It Tuesday” broadcast, Col. Randolph “Scott” Harrison shared his perspective on being a physician assistant and working with VA.

  • Five unique ways to serve Veterans as a physician assistant

    Your expertise as a physician assistant can be applied to numerous specialties within VA, all of them helping Veterans find the care they need.

  • VA mental health professionals work to prevent Veteran suicide

    VA mental health professionals walk alongside Veterans on their journey to improve their mental health, prevent Veteran suicide.

  • These five educational programs can help boost your VA career application

    Whether it’s an LPN certification or a doctorate in psychology, pursuing one of these five educational programs can help boost your VA application.

  • VA has healthcare careers perfect for Veterans

    VA has careers, tied to specialized skillsets, where former military healthcare workers can heal and care for fellow Veterans.

  • Facebook live chat recap: The application and hiring process

    On Tuesday, June 14th, VHA recruiter Hillary Garcia took to […]

  • Health care jobs dominate the 2016 “100 Best Jobs” list

    Have you seen the recently published list of the 100 […]

  • Never stop learning: Continuing education opportunities at VA

    It’s often said you should factor in the value of […]

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