• Kimberly Stuart: LGBTQ and Red, White & Blue

    Kimberly Stuart used the challenges she faced during her service to help other Veterans, so they can have pride for all aspects of their identity.

  • VBA celebrates all Veterans this Pride Month

    At VBA, we are dedicated to providing Veterans, service members, and their families with the benefits they have earned, regardless of sexual orientation.

  • Monica Helms: Creator of the Transgender Flag

    Navy Veteran and Activist Monica Helms is the creator of the Transgender Flag

  • LGBT Veterans describe VA care, provide advice for others

    Navy Veteran Marilu Fanning and Army Veteran Dylan Liebhart have followed different journeys through life. Different upbringings, generations and military services. Yet, the two share a passion for helping fellow Veterans receive the care they’ve earned. They have advice for fellow LGBT and Related Identities Veterans.

  • Hines VA to host PRIDE events in June, honor Special Emphasis Program’s 10th year

    The Edward Hines, Jr. VA will be hosting a series of virtual and in-person PRIDE events in June to mark ten years of its LGBT/A (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Allies) Special Emphasis Program (SEP).

  • Three Diffusion of Excellence practices impacting Veteran lives across the country

    By finding, supporting, spreading, and adapting practices at VA, Diffusion of Excellence is bringing the best care and practices to more and more Veterans.

  • PRIDE program helps employees better care for LGBTQ+ Veterans

    PRIDE is a health education program that focuses on reducing health care disparities. It helps VA employees engage with LGBTQ+ Veterans, showing them VA welcomes them and serves all who served.

  • Preventing suicide among LGBT Veterans

    Today, it is estimated that one million of our nation’s Veterans identify as LGBT. Studies reveal LGBT Veterans accessing VA services were more likely to screen positive for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and alcohol misuse than non-LGBT Veterans.

  • Here to Serve All Veterans

    A veteran shares her family's military history and her experiences as a LGBT service member.

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