• About 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually

    VA has many ways to help you recover from alcohol disorders. Learn about the VA treatments, including support groups and specialized therapy.

  • Naloxone can save the lives of at-risk Veterans

    Learn more about naloxone and how it can save a Veteran’s life. It’s available for free from VA for those patients who need it.

  • VA Suicide Prevention leads national charge with array of strategies

    Meeting the diverse needs of Veterans with resources to effectively reduce suicide risk but also promote wellness and protect against future risk.

  • VA study: Moderate alcohol use linked to lower rates of hospitalization, death

    The study’s principal investigator, Dr. Dan Blalock, says one possible explanation for the finding is that healthier patients in the study sample liked to drink in moderate amounts.

  • Let’s talk about substance use

    VA has many treatment options to help Veterans recover from substance use. Here are valuable links to information and programs.

  • VA genetics program aims to increase mental health treatments for Veterans

    Leaders of the Million Veteran Program (MVP) are addressing this gap through a new initiative called MVP MIND. It will survey 50,000 new participants with serious mental health conditions about their experiences. MVP officials believe such efforts will lead to more powerful research into these issues and better treatments.

  • How VA uses contingency management to help Veterans stay drug free

    VA's VISN 5 MIRECC uses clinical programs and workshops to reduce mental health stigma among Veterans through training for health care providers.

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