• PTSD and exercise: Finding recovery through fitness

    Listen to the podcast Short Takes on Suicide Prevention on the topic of PTSD and Exercise: Finding recovery through fitness.

  • Veteran finds relief from VA therapy animal visits

    Animal visits as therapy can be complementary treatment for mental health and behavioral health disorders like depression and substance use.

  • Innovation Revolutionary: Keeping Veterans safe with sterile syringes

    Elizabeth Dinges is a VA Innovation Ecosystem Revolutionary establishing Syringe Service Programs to aid Veterans with addiction.

  • Continuing to Serve: VA’s PTSD residential treatment programs

    VA’s Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Programs provide intensive 24/7 services for Veterans working toward recovery.

  • Care for Veterans with substance use disorders

    In honor of International Recovery Day Sept. 30, VA wants you to know: Substance use disorder is a disease that can be treated, and recovery is possible. VA uses a variety of proven therapies and medications to help support Veterans who have been diagnosed with substance use disorder.

  • Report links substance use and suicide among Veterans, offers support

    While the public is aware of some key risk factors for suicide among Veterans, they are often unaware of the devastating relationship between substance use and suicide.

  • Navy Veteran finds new purpose

    Veteran and First Responder (VFR) supports those on the front lines. VFR health care has created a telehealth platform for Veterans and first responders, their families and health care workers.

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