• #VADidThat: Learning through simulation, saving Veterans’ lives

    VA's SimLEARN improves the quality of health care services for America’s Veterans through the application of simulation-based learning.

  • Gaming, simulation teach how to manage difficult airways

    Dr. Jessica Feinleib develops award-winning approach to teach life-saving procedures. Motivation was tragic cases resulting in loss of life.

  • VA program builds learning network, care for rural Veterans

    Many VA locations in rural communities have limited or no academic affiliation. VA is solving the challenge of adding 1,500 positions to its training program.

  • Police officer at VA Bedford saves stranger’s life

    VA police officer Anthony Harris was driving home when he saw a man on a bridge, ready to jump. He talked him down and saved his life.

  • Match Day 2021: Training for new medical residents

    VA - the nation’s largest education and training platform for health professionals - nearly 70% of all U.S. physicians at some point in their careers. Nearly 75,000 medical students and residents.

  • Veterans receive help through clergy training program

    Veterans—especially those in rural areas—are receiving added attention through a VA program focused on training clergy and other groups.

  • VA, Medical School partnerships benefit Veterans

    VA trains upwards of 70% of America’s future health care providers, benefitting the trainees and our Veterans who receive state of the art medical treatment and access to clinical research trials.

  • Women Veterans’ health training on the move

    A quarter of women Veterans receiving VA health care live in rural areas. VA is making sure their doctors, nurses and staff are up to date on women’s health care needs.

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