• Veteran getting COVID shot surprises nurse, native of Kosovo

    Nurse Shpresa Islami grew up in Kosovo and fled her country as a small girl. She had an emotional surprise while giving a COVID vaccine.

  • Questions about COVID-19 vaccine, “You Asked, We Answered”

    We’ve received questions from Veterans, family members and caregivers about COVID-19 vaccines. Here's a compilation of our answers.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine: What does an EUA mean for vaccine safety?

    I’ve heard that COVID-19 vaccines have been authorized under EUA. What is an EUA, exactly? Learn answers to this and other questions in the latest You Asked, We Answered blog.

  • Veterans: Share what you can do now that you’re vaccinated!

    Veterans, families and caregivers – now that you’re fully vaccinated, what can you safely do that you couldn’t before? Post your #NowICanSafely activity on social media and tag @VeteransHealth.

  • South Texas VA implements SAVE LIVES Act

    A vacant department store in San Antonio was transformed into an important location for Texans receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The provisions of the SAVE LIVES Act lets more people receive the shot.

  • VA priority: Vaccinating Veterans in CLCs

    Residents of VA’s 134 nursing homes who are older and may have complex health conditions remain a priority for COVID-19 vaccination. VA’s goal is to vaccinate every Veteran who wants one.

  • VA cares for homebound Veterans during pandemic

    Hines VA nurse Forres Barnes has provided cared for Veterans in their homes for years through VA's Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC) program. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed his role.

  • Every Veteran, spouse and caregiver in America eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

    The SAVE LIVES Act gives VA the job of delivering vaccine to all Veterans in America, whether they're enrolled in VA health care or not, as well as their spouses and their caregivers.

  • Veterans schedule COVID-19 vaccinations with VEText

    Veterans are scheduling COVID-19 vaccination appointment through VEText, an interactive digital solution from VA that automatically reminds Veterans of upcoming appointments via text messaging.

  • Rural Alaska Veterans get COVID vaccine

    Almost 400 miles from Anchorage, Alaska, Veterans on Kodiak Island lined up to get their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at the Kodiak Area Native Association clinic. Kodiak is reachable only by air.

  • Community providers: Help Veterans #FightFlu!

    Talk to Veteran patients about preventing the flu by getting a flu shot. Veterans enrolled in VA health care are eligible for a free flu shot. Make vaccinations a routine part of patient care.

  • Cervical cancer screenings for women Veterans

    Cervical cancer deaths in the United States have decreased by more than 50% over the decades due to increased screenings. Here’s information for women Veterans on pap smears and when to have one.

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