• Veterans benefit from Greenhouse Initiative blossoming this spring

    iNET’s innovation collaboration program fosters Veteran and employee feedback in the earliest stages of innovative design

  • From basic training to Pittsburgh VA: A 40-year friendship

    Two Pittsburgh VA employees trace a friendship spanning four decades from taking the Army oath of enlistment to planning retiring from VA.

  • Roll up your sleeve to donate blood at your VA today

    Veterans and VA employees are supporting communities across America by rolling up their sleeves. You can make a difference by giving blood.

  • Veterans, employees help bolster trust in VA

    To build Veteran trust, VA began really listening to what “customers” need and relying on employees to help meet those needs.

  • Honoring health care heroes through the Brave of Heart Fund

    The Brave of Heart Fund provides financial and emotional support to families of healthcare workers and volunteers nationwide who lose their lives to COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 reflection & healing at the San Antonio VA

    Employees at the San Antonio VA gathered to reflect on the last year of the COVID-19 pandemic, begin healing and honor those both lost and saved.

  • VA steps up for community fight against COVID-19

    More than 100 VA employees support community vaccination efforts in several states and territories. They volunteer to give vaccines to local communities as part of VA’s 4th mission.

  • Battle Creek VA Remember-A-Vet program

    Started by a World War II Purple Heart Veteran turned newspaper columnist, the Battle Creek VA Remember-A-Vet program is in its 67th year. It's now supported by his daughter and granddaughter, VA employees at the Battle Creek VA.

  • Tucson VA food services overcomes challenges

    Despite the challenges of working in a mobile kitchen, Tucson VA Nutrition and Food Service staff kept a positive attitude focusing on teamwork and serving healthy meals to inpatient Veterans.

  • Muskogee VA welcomes DEMPS staff from across the country

    On Aug. 30, Muskogee VA welcomed 40 VA employees from facilities across America. The team is part of VA’s main program for deployment of clinical and non-clinical staff to an emergency or disaster.

  • Biloxi VA acknowledges contributions of women Veterans

    More than 90 Gulf Coast women Veterans who are also VA employees participated in a recent virtual photo exhibit recognizing their military service contributions.

  • Innovators work to keep Veterans and staff safe

    To help keep Veterans, VA staff, and others safe, VA is challenging innovators engineers, designers, academia, the private sector and VA to create new ways to help health care staff do their jobs.

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