• Five highly valued skills Veterans bring to VA careers

    Veterans Month is a great time for newly transitioning service members or longtime Veterans to be reminded that VA hires former service members.

  • Six ways to explore a civilian career working with other Veterans

    Explore a civilian career working with Veterans at VA. Here are six ways you can explore what it’s like to work at VA before you make the choice to apply.

  • VA has healthcare careers perfect for Veterans

    VA has careers, tied to specialized skillsets, where former military healthcare workers can heal and care for fellow Veterans.

  • Executives needed to lead Veteran care in 11 cities

    Veterans Affairs is looking for trailblazers who can inspire and lead change in Veterans’ care as executive directors of VA medical centers.

  • On Hire a Vet Day, learn how you can benefit from a career at VA

    On Hire a Vet Day, we remind Veterans that a career at VA offers transitioning opportunities to succeed in life after military service.

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