VHA Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE), in collaboration with Evidation, is encouraging Veterans to enroll in Heart Health—a free, application-based program that helps educate Veterans about their heart health and chronic conditions from anywhere, using their smartphones and wearable devices.

As part of this program, Veterans can track relevant health data, including activity, mood, symptom, and weight data. Data is collected via manually entry into the application as well as passively from users’ wearable devices. Heart Health then shares collected data directly with participants in weekly, electronic summary reports.

“Veterans who join Heart Health can track and understand their heart health and chronic conditions outside of the doctor’s office from anywhere,” said VHA IE Senior Innovation Fellow, Dr. Arash Harzand.

“Daily activity, sleep and mood can have a serious impact on heart health. This program gives Veterans an opportunity to measure and engage with these important personal health metrics.”

Will encourage Veterans to self-manage their condition

Heart Health’s goal is to improve individuals’ understanding of their health. It also empowers them to self-manage their condition with resources as well as conversations with their care team.

The application will also help VA understand how future digital health programs, like Heart Health, can better serve Veterans with heart disease. While VA does not receive patient-level data, VHA IE will receive summary data that may inform larger heart health studies in the future.

Veterans can connect to their own device

Participants can also access clinically backed educational content on topics like heart medication, nutrition, and stress management from American College of Cardiology’s CardioSmart patient program.

Heart Health is accessible to Veterans via iOS or Android mobile app or via web browser. Wearables are not required or provided but Veterans have the option to connect a wearable device of their own. There is no limit to the number of Veterans that can enroll.

Join Veterans and individuals across the country who are committed to healthier living. Sign up for Evidation and enroll in Heart Health

By Kalyn Essex is a communications officer at the VHA Innovation Ecosystem. She is an Air Force Veteran who served for 12 years, including one Operation Enduring Freedom tour.

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Published on Mar. 1, 2022

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    Anything we can do for Veterans is Awesome!!

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    I am a deaf disabled veteran who may benefit from this program thank you

  5. Lisa Franciosi March 23, 2022 at 2:04 pm

    Will share. We need to do everything we can to ensure that our veterans have access to both medical and psychiatric services.

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    I will share this with a few a few family members who are veterans. Thank you for this information!

  8. Shemone Fullilove March 22, 2022 at 10:29 am

    I will refer this to Veterans that I know that will benefit from it. Thank you.

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    Great Story

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