• Women Veterans and chronic pain

    Chronic pain interferes with women Veterans’ daily lives. Talk to your VA provider about an individualized pain management plan.

  • #Live Whole Health #140: Acupressure for head and neck

    Do you have “text neck?” or pain in your head and neck? This acupressure for head and neck pain can help.

  • Join the fight to end domestic violence

    Significant progress has been made toward identifying, preventing, and helping those who experience domestic violence, but there is still work to be done.

  • The 2022 Shark Tank competition finalists

    2022 VHA Shark Tank competition finalists will present their pitches at the Innovation Experience in October.

  • Online medical debt relief application now available

    VA has simplified and streamlined the application process for medical debt relief, allowing Veterans better access. Apply for and receive medical debt relief now.

  • Golden Age Games a lifeline for Houston Veteran

    Rena Dugat’s daughter died at 34 from ovarian cancer. She escaped the darkness and despair by volunteering and then competing in the Houston Golden Age Games.

  • The benefits of eating breakfast… recipes and videos

    Learn about the many benefits of eating breakfast. Here are fast, healthy and easy breakfast ideas.

  • Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregiver program expansion

    Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers has expanded to now include caregivers of eligible Veterans of all service eras.

  • Oklahoma Veteran OK thanks to VA food pantry

    When Army Veteran Rodney Bennett’s medical provider recognized he was food insecure, VA’s homeless program stepped in to help.

  • VA Regional Office opens satellite office at VA hospital

    A claims representative has been assigned to Little Rock VA hospital satellite office to assist Veterans, spouses and survivors with their VA benefits needs.

  • Virtual and in-home care a win for housebound Veterans

    Housebound Veterans are winners when they combine virtual and in-home health care visits. Susan Gallagher receives hybrid care, both virtual and in-person.

  • VA on pace to house 38,000 homeless Veterans by end of 2022

    In 2022, VA set a goal to house 38,000 homeless Veterans. With only a few months to go, how are we doing?

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