Amarillo VA’s Women Veterans program celebrated its first newborn baby in 2022 during a celebration with the family at the Lubbock clinic Feb. 28.

Wade Augustus Spearing entered the world at 6 pounds and 10 ounces. The clinic staff honored the newborn, who was born New Year’s day, and his mother, Army Veteran Amanda Spearing.

While the Lubbock VA Outpatient Clinic doesn’t have a maternity ward, the 2nd annual first baby celebration was a moment to highlight the importance and value of the Women Veterans program.

Positive impact of Women Veterans program

“It’s an absolute honor to celebrate with Amanda’s family,” said Dr. Rodney Gonzalez, hospital director. “Another reason to highlight this special moment is to recognize the importance our Women Veterans program and the impact it can have to positively affect our Veterans and their families.”

After moving from Amarillo to Lubbock, Spearing learned about the Women Veterans program through her primary care team at the Lubbock clinic.

“The program did monthly follow up phone calls with me. Anything I really needed during my pregnancy, they were able to directly send those items to the house,” Spearing said. “It’s a wonderful program. With the help of VA, it really helped get the ball rolling and get the assistance I needed.”

For the women’s health team, the maternity program is just a portion of the many functions they perform to aid women Veterans throughout the year. With care teams available in Amarillo and Lubbock, the program is designed to grow with the women Veteran population.

An honor to share celebration as new mother

“Our women Veterans are a growing population. Historically, they haven’t had a lot of programs created specifically for them,” said nurse Carmen Weaver, the Lubbock VA Women’s Health care coordinator. “It’s an honor to work with Veterans like Amanda and share in her celebration as a new mother. I also really appreciate the opportunity to make them feel a part of the VA team. To give an acknowledgment that yes, they are a Veteran and deserve the same care that our male Veterans get.”

The Amarillo Women Veterans program provides a comprehensive level of primary, behavioral and whole health services to female Veterans.

By Joel Mease is a public affairs specialist at the Amarillo VA

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Published on Mar. 19, 2022

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