The National Disabled Veterans Golf Clinic is a week-long adaptive golf program presented by VA and DAV (Disabled American Veterans).

The annual event promotes rehabilitation by instructing Veterans with specific life changing disabilities in adaptive golf. Veterans will be introduced to other adaptive recreational sports at the event, too, such as air rifle, bicycling, bowling, kayaking and many others.

The clinic is held from Sept. 11 through 16.

Veterans gather for the week at the host site, Riverside Hotel and Golf Resort in Riverside, Iowa. Golfing will take place at various courses located in the Iowa City area. Alternative activities will be at various venues in the Iowa City area.

Golf helps Veterans improve physical and emotional well-being

The program provides an adaptive golf and rehabilitation model for Veterans with visual impairments, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, spinal cord injuries, and other disabilities via adaptive activities specific to their situation.

Instructor assisting blind Veteran with golf swing

Disability not an obstacle to active and rewarding life

The program serves to engage and invigorate Veterans with disabilities to directly improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being

“We are very excited to be back in-person at the National Disabled Veterans Golf Clinic this year,” said Nick Beelner, golf clinic director. “We very much look forward to helping our Veterans rehabilitate through the game of golf and other various alternative activities. It truly is a privilege to get to work with the Veterans at the clinic and provide a new avenue for them to continue their recovery from life-changing disabilities.”

All the activities offered at the clinic will give Veterans an opportunity to develop new skills, strengthen their self-esteem, and expand fellowship and camaraderie among the participants.

The events provide eligible Veterans with an opportunity to participate in therapeutic adaptive sporting and other recreational activities. These demonstrate that having a visual impairment or physical disability is a conquerable obstacle to an active, fulfilling and rewarding life.

Iowa City VA hosts the clinic with support from more than 400 VA and community volunteers.

By Hans Petersen

VHA NEWS editor and Air Force Veteran

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Published on Sep. 12, 2022

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  1. Tony Marengo September 12, 2022 at 4:43 pm - Reply

    For the passed several years I have reached out to a good number of Non-Profit Veterans groups stating the concerns and offering assistance to Disabled Veterans. to learn a sport. I asked about Golf programs. I have either received no reply or asked to fill out an application. I generally receive no reply or requests for me to donate money. I have even asked if he Non-Profit Organization could refer me to another organization to assist me. This too has fallen on deaf ears.
    I am thinking some of these Non-Profit Organizations are about making money for the paid positions within that organization?
    I regret I am not very positive about these Non-Profit Organizations that seek only donations for themselves.

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