Where to?

As I mentioned previously, I moved from Fort Worth, Texas to New Orleans to start my VA Career. No stranger to moving, I have lived in 27 different houses over my life.  In fact, when I retired from the Army in 2003, I built the first house that I ever owned in Texas and said ‘I am never moving again.’  Three houses later, I now hang my hat in Louisiana.

Why? For the opportunity to advance, of course. I do not see why I would settle for less when I could give so much more to my family and my career by being mobile? I recall a coworker once stating they could not get promoted and that he had been in his position for almost 10 years.  I shared with him that I had just moved to get my opportunity to advance and, that he may have to get out of that chair if he wanted to advance.

Arriving in New Orleans was a bit unsettling at first. Considering it had been only two years since Katrina had hit, the images on the news did not leave my wife or me with the greatest impression.  But I’ve discovered it’s the best possible location in the world for me. I love the food, I love music and the people are the best. But I especially love being a Dallas Cowboy fan in “Who Dat Nation.”

I’ve said all of this to say that it really pays to explore the NATIONWIDE opportunities available at VA. Like all good organizations, competition can be fierce, so getting into some communities can be challenging.  However, when you expand your search to ALL locations, you may just find your golden position in a place you never dreamed of. Think Rural and explore www.VAcareers.va.gov TODAY!

Where did you move from/to?

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Published on Aug. 12, 2011

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